AnitaSpeaks: May 2020

Come as my guest…
Whether you self-published, used a traditional publisher, or have been a part of a collaborative book (or want to be!), this event is for you! 

I can’t wait to see your book become a business, and impact people around the world!

May 5 | 4 PM ET
“Be Uniquely You”

SpeakerChat hosted by Women Speakers Association
Anita shares her approach to coaching others to grow from within. Her theme for the chat, “Growth from Within: Be Uniquely You”, offers three key messages:
1. Know your inner-personal self
2. Take action in your “becoming gap”.
3. Own your voice. Share your message.

May 7 | 1 PM ET
Increasing Health and Social Equity: Preparing Our Communities to Be Healthy in Post-Covid-19

Join the U.S. Coalition of Black Women Businesses (USCBWB) in Part 1 of our Health & Wellness Series. This virtual event will take place on the GoToMeeting platform. This session will bring together businesswomen, government officials, educators, and practitioners to discuss topics that promote greater health and economic wellbeing in Communities of Color. Anita Russell, VP of the Eastern Region of USCBWB, will moderate the discussion. Registration is required.

May 13 | 4 PM ET
Anita Russell
Panelist for Speaker Success Training

What is Speaker Success Training?

It’s a monthly gathering of women speakers of all levels of expertise — from all over the world — who come together with a desire to increase their impact by sharing their message. 

Our Speaker Success Training features global experts who have been specifically selected because of their proven track record in their own speaking and training, as well as an affinity for WSA and our members!

Each training is 90 minutes long, has a LIVE Q&A with the guest training and includes the recording so you can add it to your training library. But plan to be there LIVE as you’ll have access to time-sensitive resources!